Developping innovation

Accompanying businesses

Développer l'innovation

65 companies in Genopole's vigor!

Genopole accompanies 65 innovative biotechs and maintains close ties to 17 "alumni" companies, these latter being graduates of its programs or former portfolio companies regularly invited to participate in biotech events or act as mentors for Gene.iO.

8 new companies joined the biocluster in 2022, 5 resulting from Gene.iO, 1 from the Shaker, and 2 from prospection:

Innovative therapies

  • Byorna is developing a messenger RNA biomanufacturing platform based on fermentation in eukaryote cells.
  • Cgenetix is elaborating diagnostic kits for the early identification of organ graft rejection risks.
  • DNTech is forwarding a rapid and automated kit to detect pathogenic bacteria in the foods sector.
  • EndoGene.Bio is developing a home diagnostic test for endometriosis.
  • InnoBiomil furnishes cell culture products that meet the highest biopharmaceutical regulatory standards.
  • deploys systems biology to increase cell line yield for the development of therapeutic proteins.
  • SE Therapeutics exploits the power of microbial proteins to create innovative therapies.

The bioeconomy

  • The Very Food Company supplies affordable, ready-to-use, plant-based ingredients to replace milk products and eggs.
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The 49 biocluster-site companies employ 864 people. Additionally, there are 704 people employed either by these biocluster companies at other sites in Île-de-France, or by the 16 Genopole-accompanied businesses located outside of the Genopole campuses. Thus, the global workforce of the Genopole portfolio counts 1,568 employees.


In 2022, 15 Genopole companies (including 6 Gene.iO companies) raised close to €35 million. The companies raising the most money were Standing Ovation, AB Science, Synsight, Faircraft, and Phagos.

As concerns public funding, six companies raised a collective total of €427,000 in unsecured loans from Réseau Entreprendre and Wilco. More than €10 million were supplied by Bpifrance to 22 Genopole companies (including 9 Gene.iO companies) in the form of repayable advances, loans, or grants. Among these latter, the i-Lab competition, organized by the French Ministry of Higher Education & Research and Bpifrance, provided a part of the obtained funding to five Genopole laureates of it: Adlin (Booster), Phagos (Gene.iO), Cearitis (Shaker and Booster), Ever Dye (Gene.iO) and Standing Ovation.