Organization and resources

The Genopole biocluster

Organisation et ressources

5 campuses at Évry-Courcouronnes

The Genopole biocluster comprises five campuses, all located within three kilometers of Évry-Courcouronnes and of which 42,000 m² is managed by SEM Genopole.

Campus 1 is growing, with the addition of 21,000 m² of lab and office space conceived to adapt to the constant evolution of technologies and work practices.

Called Genopole Next, this new construction project is a major step forward for biotechnologies, enabling already present companies to grow and arriving companies to set up shop at the biocluster. One of its key characteristics is the concept of flexible spaces able to respond to diverse needs. With that flexibility, Genopole can offer bespoke spaces truly co-conceived with the concerned business.

The Genopole Next concept was developed in partnership with the main territorial actors, including Grand Paris Sud, the city of Évry-Courcouronnes and SEM Genopole, as well as the investors Patriarche and Runlabs.

That close partnership fueled an ambitious project well-aligned to the France 2030 strategy and the new dynamic at Genopole. Genopole Next is scheduled for completion in 2025. It will offer a modern and agreeable workplace facilitating the exchange of ideas and the development of tomorrow's innovations.

"Genopole's new dynamic calls for the construction of additional floor space. Over the next three years, supplementary infrastructures and platforms will see the day to satisfy the growing needs of businesses already at the biocluster and anticipate the needs of new arrivals." David Bodet, Deputy Director of GIP Genopole and Chief Executive of Sem Genopole

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