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Développer l'innovation

Gene.iO: boosting company fund raising

Gene.iO is the logical next-step after the Shaker program for the accompaniment of start-ups at Genopole. Companies accepted to Gene.iO follow an intense course of coaching with the aim of successfully obtaining initial financing, a decisive step in a company's maturation.

In 2022, Gene.iO welcomed its second class counting six companies selected for the originality and market potential of their innovations. Five companies from the 2021 class (Ever Dye, Phagos, Nutropy STH Biotech, Quibiotic) decided to establish shop at Genopole after completing their training, followed by two more (DNTech, CGenetix) from the 2022 class.

The year-long Gene.iO program starts with a 360° audit to identify the start-up's needs and continues with coaching based on four Strategy Packs: Market Access, Fund Raising, Key Accounts Partnerships, and Communication Strategy.

The program is bearing fruit: since its creation in 2021, Gene.iO has resulted in 21 jobs created at the biocluster and 52 in Île-de-France. As for financing and as of 2022 (classes 1 and 2), the accompanied businesses have collectively raised €4 million and received €3.5 million in grants.

The six 2022 laureates

  • Biomanufacturing: Byorna, Kyron.Bio and Quibiotic (from the Shaker)
  • Diagnostics: CGenetix, DNTech
  • Foodtech: The Very Food Company
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Mentoring: the Gene.iO advantage

The Gene.iO laureates receive the support of mentors selected by Genopole, notably among the heads of formerly accompanied businesses. That support, founded on solidarity, feedback and the sharing of experience, brings great advantages to the laureates in human terms. For their part, the mentors get the satisfaction of contributing to the growth of start-ups. Listen to the testimonials of Anne Feraudet, COO at BIO SUPPORT and Antoine Prestat, CEO of PEP-Therapy.

A chance to shine together with Paris-Saclay Spring

As in past years, Genopole partnered with Paris-Saclay Spring held 12–13 May to put a spotlight on the site's innovative gems. At the roundtables, I-Stem (Inserm) Director Cécile Martinat spoke on the innovations seeing the day in translational medicine, and Genopole Enterprises Director Olivier Tomat presented the Foodtech axis and research on novel sources of proteins and ferments.

Of note, the Spring 50 selection, which distinguishes 50 Paris-Saclay cluster start-ups, counted five companies that were laureates of Genopole's acceleration programs.

In health: Aiintense (Booster), Floating Genes (Shaker, Gene.iO) and InnovHem (Shaker, Booster); and in foodtech: Proteme (Shaker) and Yeasty (Shaker).

Genopole sponsors the Digital Startup Trophy

Genopole sponsored the "Health" category of the 2022 Digital Startup Trophy, an event created by IMT Starter, the incubator of Évry-Courcouronnes's Grandes Écoles. The winner in that category was Eva Derabanne, with her project ScreenMe, which is aimed at developing an application able to instantly indicate to physicians if a patient is eligible for a clinical trial. With her win, Eva will receive personalized accompaniment and benefit from preferential pricing for the Strategy Packs piloted by Genopole.

"Our mission is to bring Genopole's actors together at and around events, where connections are made and public-private partnerships organized, thus propelling innovation in new, dynamic and fruitful projects." NAHIL JACQUEMIER, MARKETING & COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR
Genopole parraine le Trophée startup numérique

Making ties with industrials and investors

Another Genopole mission is to create relations between its network of investors & corporate groups and its accompanied biotech start-ups. Both have reciprocal interests: the former are looking for disruptive innovations and the latter financing and commercial agreements.

Building such relations with investors and financers is the objective of Partnering Week, one of Genopole's pillar operations. Held 26–30 September, the event drew 40 large, national or international groups from such sectors as health, biobased materials, greentech, agritech, alternative proteins, AI, and more. About 100 meetings were organized between the groups and the Genopole biotechs working in their fields.

A double interest

Either Gene.iO laureates or Strategy Pack users, six start-ups, CGenetix, Ever Dye, Nutropy, Phagos, SafeInsight, STH Biotech and Synsight, benefited from particular attention, with studio-recorded presentations and personalized videos to valorize their activities. "We had communicated via the videos upstream of Partnering Week to attract the interest of investors and large groups," comments STH Biotech CEO Héloïse Mailhac. "By doing so, we obtained a baker's dozen of interviews with investors, and about the same with industrials," she continued. "Without Partnering Week, having such opportunities would have been much more complicated and long."

For their part, the corporate groups come to Partnering Week curious to discover the innovations forwarded by the start-ups: "What interests me at Genopole, which is a major hub for synthetic biology, is to discover new technologies, in principle outside of our industry," explains Laurent Chantalat, open innovation scouting manager at L'Oréal Research & Innovation. "I'm interested in having access to new biotech innovations, a field that will become increasingly present in the cosmetic industry."

An exemplary development

A highlight of Partnering Week was the 27 September roundtable on why the timing of synergies is crucial for start-ups. That activity underlined the itinerary of SynHelix, a Shaker-developed and Booster-accelerated company that became the French affiliate of an international group in only three years.
In the video, investor Alain Huriez (AdBio Partners) and Quantoom Biosciences CEO and Univercells CTO José Castillo explain the solid reasoning that led them to commit to the very young start-up so rapidly.

"The yearly Partnering Week event translates Genopole's mission of creating connections. The accompanied start-ups gain quality visibility in the eyes of major industrial groups with the goal of obtaining financing or commercial partnerships." HÉLÈNE VIRASITH, INVESTOR RELATIONS MANAGER
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Three programs
to strengthen competencies and support the development of new scientific orientations

Three ApogeeBio laureates join the biocluster

ApogeeBio's first call retained three candidates for two-year postdoctoral positions in Genopole research teams. Launched by Genopole and its partners (Universities of Évry and Paris-Saclay, Genethon, Télécom SudParis, IMT-Business School, CEA, CNRS, Inserm) in 2021 with European cofinancing, ApogeeBio offers foreign or living-abroad French researchers two years of salary, personalized accompaniment to ease their stay, and professional accompaniment to prepare their long-term carriers.

  • Luana Claudino de Melo (Brazil) is joining the company Enalees to develop a veterinary antibiotic resistance detection test.
  • Vijay Ingole (India) is joining the start-up Synovance to focus on the fermentation-based biomanufacturing of a compound used in plastics, nylons and other products.
  • Jesus Mercado Cordova (Venezuela) is joining LITEM (Laboratory of Innovation, Technologies, Economics and Management) to develop a computational model of the diffusion of technological innovations in the biofuels sector in France.

All three will contribute to the bioeconomy sector at Genopole.

"ApogeeBio enlarges Genopole's horizon to an international scientific community. The call for candidates is relayed through European and global networks for scientific employment. In addition to the opportunity it represents for young researchers around the world, this new program contributes to the international visibility of Genopole and its partners." Roxane Brachet, ACADEMIC PARTNERSHIPS MANAGER
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Luana Claudino de Melo

Master 2 Grants support training through research

The third edition of the Master 2 Grants conferred financing for the internships of six students at the laboratories Lambe, LBEPS, LGRK, SABNP, and the start-up Altar (now a part of Ginkgo Bioworks). With the 16 grants allocated since the creation of the program, Genopole seeks to give its actors opportunities to explore new subjects of interest, and students the desire to pursue research at the biocluster.

Des bourses de Master 2 soutiennent la formation par la recherche

Encouraging PhD student training

The purpose of the International Mobility Grant is to enable the acquisition of new competencies by PhD students, who transmit those competencies thereafter to the hosting lab. The 2022 edition sent a Genethon PhD student to EMBL Barcelona to participate in the EMBO workshop "The molecular and cellular basis of regeneration and tissue repair".

Encourager la formation des doctorants