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Genopole is a founding member of the association L'Escale, the missions of which are to contribute to the personal growth and well-being of its members and ease exchanges between the biocluster's various entities.
L'Escale is also a place where the association proposes 15 or so volunteer- or professionally-led activities (fitness, yoga, Pilates, danse, athletics, football, volleyball, badminton, etc.) to Genopole's citizens.
A number of sports facilities (running track, football pitch, gymnasium) are available to L'Escale thanks to a partnership with Évry-Courcouronnes's sports service. At year-end 2022, L'Escale counted 150 members.

"The 'life at the site' dimension is essential for creating a feeling of belonging at the biocluster. It includes favoring encounters between Genopole's citizens via cultural, sporting or recreational extra-professional activities, thus contributing to a well-being at work." Anne-Sophie Carlier, HR and site-life-manager
In the press

Increasing media presence

Compared to the previous year, Genopole's media presence grew in 2022. The number of citations grew 11% to 308, editorial space 83% to 105 pages, opportunities to see 3%, and share of professional press titles 24%. Also editorial space in general-public publications was multiplied by four, attaining 22 pages.

Genopole's presence in national media grew 20%. The web remains Genopole's main media vector, representing 62% of citations.

Therein, 54% of the citations were on professional websites, which provided twice the editorial space of general websites. Institutional websites and blogs were the sources of 11% of web citations. Genopole's media presence conveys the image of a biocluster of innovations, an enabler of project/business creation and support, and a motor of territorial economic development.


"The Bioeconomy at Genopole" is out!

Following upon the publication of a pamphlet on its innovative biotherapies strategic sector, Genopole has now edited "The Bioeconomy at Genopole". The pamphlet presents the growth of the sector at Genopole; a sector that builds upon life sciences and technologies to contribute to industrial production, more sustainable agriculture and nutrition, and ultimately an entirely new economic model. The growing number of non-medical biotechs at Genopole over the last decade illustrates this dynamic. All links in the value chain, from training to R&D and on to the development of industrial processes, are present today at the biocluster.

Read the pamphlet online

A growing social network presence

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