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A new dawn for
the biocluster
Stephane Beaudet
Gilles Trystram
"Genopole stimulates and accompanies the desire to pioneer, and how it welcomes up-and-coming talent in a composite and dynamic ecosystem." Gilles trystram, Chief Executive of Genopole
Organization and resources

Organization and resources

Genopole shapes and vivifies a research biocluster for genomics and life sciences, energizes the growth of biotechnologies by creating, accompanying and welcoming innovative businesses, and strengthens a life sciences academic center in partnership with the University of Évry-Paris Saclay.
To carry out its missions, GIP Genopole benefits from qualified teams, secure funding and vast, developing, real estate holdings that respond to the needs of innovative biotech companies and labs.

Sparking innovation

Sparking innovation

Genopole's mission is to nurture the genesis of innovative start-ups and new research projects in a territorial ecosystem benefiting from the presence of the South Île-de-France Medical Center and numerous higher-learning institutes propitious to the emergence of talent.

Développer l'innovation

Developping innovation

To catalyze the emergence of biotech companies and the development of life sciences research, Genopole pilots growth-support programs and access to numerous shared-use technological platforms.

Europe et international

Europe and international

By participating in major biotech events across the globe, building relations with new clusters and piloting European projects, Genopole affirms its international presence and gives impetus to the biocluster's growth via access to markets and scientific competencies, the arrival of new companies and labs, and much more.

Construire des filières

Building sectors

To stimulate biotechnology innovation and through actions aimed at training, basic research, and industrial deployment in France and in the world, Genopole is structuring two primary sectors: innovative therapies and the bioeconomy.

Biocluster en développement

An evolving biocluster

Whether basic, translational or clinical, research is the first step toward the emergence of health innovations for the benefit of patients and care provision systems. The completion of the projects presented below will solidify a complete, coherent and coordinated offer covering the aggregate of challenges encountered by the biocluster's businesses and research labs. In so doing, Genopole will coalesce its place as an international-scale Île-de-France biocluster of excellence within Paris-Saclay.