Organization and resources

The GIP Genopole team

Organisation et ressources

An operational team

GIP (Groupement d’intérêt public, a form of public-private partnership for missions of public interest) Genopole benefits from multidisciplinary teams committed to creating a fertile environment for research and innovation.

Our missions :

  • Constitute and enliven a biocluster dedicated to genomics, post-genomics and other related scientific fields
  • Favor the development of public and private biotech research

Whether focused on administrative management, research and business, infrastructures and platforms, international affairs or communication, the GIP Genopole teams are all driven by a shared passion: bring progress to life sciences and enable innovation. With their commitment, energy and renowned know-how, these teams have made that passion an objective to be reached via their actions to accompany and develop the biocluster's laboratories, start-ups and businesses.

Groupe Genopole